Golden Globes Fashion Recap

The 2017 Golden Globe awards were last night.  Traditionally, the Golden Globes kick off award season in Hollywood- meaning it’s time for new fashion trends and outrageous accessories!


There were two big trends on the red carpet last night.  Sequins and plunging necklines.  I gotta tell you, I’m a little bit over the sequin look.  A few celebrities pulled off sequin looks that I was able to get behind, but overall, I feel like sequins have had their time to shine, it’s time to move on.

On another note, low plunging necklines were the clear winner last night.  For awhile, it seemed like every actress that stepped on to the carpet was going to suffer a nip slip! Some pulled off the look flawlessly and others felt a little sloppy.  The key to mastering this trend, is tailoring.  The dress must fit your silhouette perfectly and the cut out up top must be meant for you (and secured with an abundance of double sided tape).  I can’t say either of these trend WOW’d me, but few stars pulled them off impeccably!


Unfortunately for men on the red carpet, there aren’t many options.  A tuxedo is often the garment of choice, but it’s difficult to make a tux stand out in the crowd.


 (Wearing a custom Gucci Tux and Christian Louboutins)

Ryan Gosling nailed it! Wearing a custom tuxedo is sure to wow because it’s fitted exclusively for you.  I love that he accentuated his look by wearing a white jacket, bow tie, and attaching a red flower.  This look helped him stand out against all the other black tuxes on the carpet and earned him a spot in the Dapper Dudes category.

(Wearing a custom Ralph Lauren suit )

Milo Ventimiglio crushed it in this Ralph Lauren suit (ironically enough- made for someone else entirely), he took it off the rack and the rest he said was luck.  It fit him like a glove and felt like it was made for him.  I love this traditional look- navy suit with black accents to make it stand out.  The bow tie adds a whimsical touch and I am loving everything about this statement tuxedo.


As I said plunging necklines and sequins were trending up and down the Golden Globes carpet; but, a few ladies nailed these styles and looked amazing.

kristen (Wearing a custom designed Jenny Packham)

Kristen Bell crushed the plunging neckline trend.  Her custom designed rectangular cut out looks amazing on her and it’s clear that it was created to flatter her body.  She actually took over two trends for the evening, wearing sequins as well.  Her sequins were tasteful and she didn’t end up looking like the Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy.

viola  (Wearing a bright yellow Michael Kors gown)

Viola Davis stunned in the bright yellow Michael Kors gown.  She looked absolutely gorgeous in this one shoulder number.  She definitely stood out, as she should, since there seemed to be a lack of color on the carpet.  This radiant gown helped her inner (and outer) beauty shine!

                  (Wearing Naeem Kahn)

Mandy Moore hit it out of the ballpark in this Naeem Kahn gown.  The cut out in this plunging gown went all the way down to her belly button, but she still looked elegant.  The beaded waistline was a perfect addition to accentuate her waist and the cape added a little bit of Old Hollywood glamour to the look.  This tailored to perfection gown was a major standout on the carpet.


                      (Wearing Valentino)

Emma Stone looked flawless in this gorgeous Valentino gown that captured the essence of her presence at the Globes.  The dress had a whimsical, dreamy feel- which the star herself said was the purpose of her film La La Land.  Surprisingly, the pale pink color looks amazing on Stone and she added just the right statement necklace to top off the look.


These couples looked adorable together.  Their cohesive styles complimented each other perfectly and really drew the attention of onlookers on the carpet.  These couples are truly the epitome of #couplesgoals

    Sterling K Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe
    (wearing Kenneth Cole while Bathe looked Pretty in Pink)

     Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

   (wearing Tom Ford and Elie Saab respectively)

          Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

      (Reynolds is sporting a black tux and Lively is in Versace)


My best dressed for the evening goes to someone I doubt you’re expecting … my pick for best dressed in Giuliana Rancic.  Her floral gown looked stunning and was tailored to perfection.  Romance and elegance never go out of style and this dress proved that point perfectly.  That in combination with her hair and makeup, and fresh tan from a vaca in Mexico stunned.  The gown was absolutely beautiful and she takes the cake for me!

(wearing Rani Zakhem)

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As I watched the golden globes, I couldn’t help but listen to all the people that were thanked during acceptance speeches. Creating an award winning movie is a team sport.  An actor wouldn’t look good without someone to direct him, movies would be boring without music to bring them to life, and lead actors would become boring without supporting actors to add relief. This reminded me of • Ecclesiastes 4:9 •

“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”

Remember friends, we do not have to do it alone. We have God and one another- and two are better than one.