JORD Wood Watch Review and Giveaway!

Wood watches are the newest trend in both men’s and women’s watch wear.  I’ve partnered with St. Louis based company Jord, to give you the scoop on these all natural, wood time pieces.  golden-camphor-and-khaki-jord-watch-3

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To be completely honest, when I first heard about wood watches, I thought, those will be too masculine for me; but, Jord has plenty of feminine watch options sure to please any woman.  They have many colors and styles that are sure to catch your eye!

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Benefits of buying from JORD: 

-There are a multitude of sizes and styles for both men and women- one of which is sure to catch you eye.  Jord offers a variety of watch series each with their own unique look, size, and wood type.  There are dark wood watches, light wood watches, watches with large faces and more dainty watch faces.  Jord has thought about styles to fit any and everyone.

-Jord watches are all natural.  There has been a recent craze in the fashion industry to find more natural products.  Jord offers a completely natural product that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals to preserve or treat the watch.  This is a relief to someone with extremely sensitive skin- no breakouts or reactions for me!

-Jord offers an oil product that can help preserve your precious wood watch.  It will help condition the wood and with proper care on your part, your watch will last for years to come.

-The packaging is phenomenal!  The first thing I look at when I buy a new product from an unfamiliar company is their attention to detail.  Jord goes above and beyond to ensure that your watch arrives in perfect condition.  It is protected in a solid wood box, which can also be used when you are not wearing the watch for protection, and the packaging is neat and tidy.  The watch is presented in impeccable fashion; which, says a lot about the company to me.

-Jord offers personalization and customization.  I loved knowing that when my watch arrived it would fit perfectly and be ready to wear right away!  When you order, you can customize your watch size and add a personal touch if you wish.


***JORD Homepage*****Link to my watch!***


I am extremely impressed with my golden camphor and khaki Jord watch.  It is designed with precision and care.  The watch, with its two tone color scheme, can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up.  It looks adorable next to my bracelets and bling!  My watch truly fits with any outfit I put together and I’m excited to wear it for years to come.

Links to Purchase Your Own Jord Watch:

JORD Homepage

Men’s Shop

Women’s Shop

Link to my watch


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*This giveaway will run through 11:59pm on March 5th.  All credits and e-gift cards will expire April 30th.  This giveaway is in no way affiliated with WordPress.*

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