How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like an Oasis- Decor Tips

Do you want a bedroom that is an extension of your personal style but feels soothing and relaxing as soon as you step through the doorway?! Let me walk you through some of my decorating tips.

1. Mix Metallics: Ignore the once hard and fast rule that different metals should not be mixed.  As long as the mix of gold, silver, and bronze is tasteful and the tone of each metallic is taken into consideration, the mixture can make a beautiful statement.

Marquee Letter (Similar to star) | Antique Frame | Similar Mirror | Candle Holder | Similar Vase | LOVE THESE FLOWERS | Love this cross!

2. Add a Pop of Color: Instead of painting your walls a bright shade, or covering all your shelves in a specific color, add little pops of the same color throughout the room in strategic places.  This helps the bedroom to continue to feel serene and not become overwhelming.

Similar Wall Art | Storage Bins | Similar Storage Unit | Piece of Glass (top of storage unit) | Similar Chandelier Wall Art

3. Incorporate Every Day Items into Decor: Finding a way to incorporate every day items into decor is a two fold benefit: one less thing that has to be stored and one less item that has to be purchased to decorate the room.  Since I had a metallic theme running throughout my bedroom, I used my necklaces as a decor piece.  They add some sparkle to the design and fill wall space that would have otherwise been empty.


Similar Shelf | Sunburst Mirror | Lantern | Similar Silver Votive Holder | Similar Flower Vase (OBSESSED) | Similar Initial | Floral Arrangements

4. Recycle Old Furniture: Paint old furniture that may be sitting in your basement or seek out a local thrift store.  I’ve found some awesome pieces that serve as great dressers or night stands in my room.  This adds unique architectural lines to the decor, as well as, offering a unique piece of furniture to the bedroom.  I simply sanded my basement finds and painted them the same shade of white to give them a fresh look.  Then, I purchased new hardware to really bring the furniture to life.  It was easy and less expensive than purchasing new furniture, and it is so well made, I love my thrifted finds.

Dresser and Nightstand: Thrifted | Similar Lamp | Similar Charger | Similar Trinket Tray (LOVE) | Curtains

5. Create a Cohesive Theme: The most important decor tip I can offer is to create one, uniform theme.  It is extremely important that all of the wall decor, furniture, and knick knacks coordinate.  I picked yellow to be my pop of color, metallics to offer some sparkle on shelves and furniture, and a fairly neutral theme to maintain a sense of calm and cohesion in my room.  This tip will create an oasis where you can be excited to relax and retreat to each and every night!

Similar Comforter (Love the puckering!) | Similar Mirrored Tray | Similar Lamp | Similar Frame | Similar Elephant (LOVE) | Similar Metal Headboard



The following bible verse is the best gift that I have ever received.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16

To have a Lord, that gave up his one and only Son to save me, is almost unfathomable.  I am grateful for that gift each, and everyday.  It is something that I will never be able to repay.  I will never be worthy of God’s love, but he has inspired me to offer my christian heart to all those I meet.  That is something I will always continue to do.

Have a blessed week friends!