Same Vest: Two Ways to Wear It

I fell in love with this olive utility vest and had to add it to my wardrobe. I’ve found so many great ways to style it and wanted to share a couple with you guys! First, I added a little flair to a spring dress. The vest helped prevent the look from appearing too summery, early in the season. Second, I added the vest to a black and white ensemble. It gave the look a bit of an edge and added a little interest to an otherwise simple style.  Find the pics and links to each piece below!

Vest: Similar Sweater: Similar                Pants: Similar Bracelet: Similar Watch: Jord Booties: Similar

Vest: Above Dress: Obsessed! Boots: Similar

I’ve been patiently waiting for something in my life. Though it is easy to pray for things to unfold quickly, it is better to wait for God’s time. He has a plan for everything, so I’m practicing my patience and enjoying every moment I’m given.

“He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.” ” -Acts 1:7 

Have a blessed week friends!


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