My Makeup Must Haves

Don’t you wish your Instagram photos reflected your appearance when you wake up each morning?! Alas, looking presentable takes time and effort. Today I’m sharing some of my make up must haves, they help me achieve my daily look with ease.  Shop links below! 

                               Ulta- $12.99

                              Ulta – $4.99

                             Ulta- $13.99

                              Ulta – $10.99

                          Target- $4.29

                            Ulta – $6.99

                                Ulta -$5.99

                         Target- $6.99

                               Ulta – $23

                           Ulta -$23.00

                             Ulta- $5.99

                              Ulta – $7.99

I pretty much exclusively shop for makeup at Ulta. I have an Ulta card (FREE!), so that I build up points for every dollar spent and can deduct that from my total in the future. Plus they almost always feature a $3.50 off $15 purchase on non-designer brands. It’s a great way to save money! 

I am a huge advocate of mixing designer and drug store makeup. I don’t have a huge makeup budget (have you seen how much I like to shop?), so I strategically invest my money. My foundation, powder, bronzer and blush are all drug store brands. They last at least six months, but I use more of them so I will not invest in more expensive products. My eyeshadow and eyeliner are also drug store brands because I honestly fell in love with the products and haven’t found a designer brand that even compares. I feel that mascara gives my face the most oomph, so that is where I allow myself to splurge. Plus, the products last a really long time. My best makeup advice: find products you love, that compliment your skin type, but don’t break the bank!



In case you haven’t caught on yet, below is my favorite bible verse. It gives me strength in my weakest moments.

“God is within her, she will not fall.” -Psalm 46:5

Have a blessed week friends!